A BlueLine Rental Introduction to Ledwell

Ledwell operations include manufactured bodies, trucks, and trailers, as well as parts and service for those products. Focused on leading the industry in quality-built products, Ledwell manufacturers the majority of the parts needed to build their equipment. Those in-house machining capabilities ensure excellent quality, flexibility, and a quick turnaround on all part orders. Ledwell works with BlueLine Rental in two ways via equipment that goes into BlueLine’s rental fleet and equipment that supports our rental fleet. When we deliver rental equipment to your construction site, most likely it is a Ledwell hydratail trailer or rollback hauling the machinery. But if you need to rent a dump truck body, water truck, or stake bed – chances are you’ll be renting a Ledwell product.

“Ledwell has been a good friend and supplier to us as our business have evolved over the years,” Barry Natwick, COO, said. “They continue to supply quality equipment to our business and they are one of our top quality vendor partners.”

L.W. Buddy Ledwell and his father, Lloy Ward Ledwell, established Ledwell & Son Lumber in Texarkana, Texas in 1946. “My grandfather and his father started the company when my grandfather got back from WWII,” Lesley Ledwell, VP business development said. “He got a GI loan, bought a truck, started lumber delivery and we grew from there to the products we offer today.”

In 1955, Buddy incorporated Ledwell & Son and built his first truck stop in Texarkana. Today, Ledwell & Son includes fourth generation family members and has expanded operations onto an 82-acre manufacturing site with nearly 450 team members in the Texarkana, and a service and sales site in North Carolina.

Ledwell has been family owned and operated for 68 years. “We’re in the business of taking care of customers and our goal is to make their life simpler,” Lesley said. “We do that by manufacturing quality equipment and responding to their needs. We began working with BlueLine Rental in the early 2000’s and we’re excited about moving forward with BlueLine Rental.”


LEDWELL & SON ENTERPRISES-A BlueLine introduction to one of our trusted suppliers.

Fri 2014-05-02 1:30:54 | by Matthew.Tavianini, VP Sales & Marketing