Ledwell builds dump truck bodies that lead the industry in strength and durability. Our dump bodies are designed to hold up to the wear and tear of a variety of loads, including gravel, sand, dirt, and lumber. We offer many different custom size options as well as multiple chassis options to pair with the body. If you work in the rental, agriculture, construction, or lumber industries, or if you are a contractor who needs a multi-use dump truck, you’ll get the right custom dump trucks for your projects when you order from us.

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More Information About Dump Trucks

Types of Dump Bodies for Sale
We have everything ranging from single axle to tri-axle dump trucks for sale, making it easy for you to select the truck body that best meets your hauling demands. Choose a truck with a 3 to 4 cubic hauling capacity for smaller projects, or choose one of our large capacity dump bodies for bigger commercial projects. We also offer a dump bed designed specifically for the lumber industry and a 16’ flatbed truck that is ideal for contractors who need a dump bed for a wide variety of projects. All our new dump trucks come standard with a 50-degree dump angle and are built with high-strength steel. We offer both standard box dump bodies as well as tub dumps with rounded floors. Request our current equipment catalog to see details on all our dump trucks, or call us at 888-533-9355 to learn more.
Why Choose Ledwell?
Ledwell has been custom-manufacturing truck bodies, trailers, and related products in Texarkana since 1946, and in our 70 years of operation, we’ve remained dedicated to providing innovative transportation solutions to businesses of all sizes. While our company has grown over the years, we continue to take pride in offering personalized service and delivering high-quality products, including dump truck bodies. If you’ve been searching for dump trucks for sale, come to us for a durable, long-lasting solution. Contact us now for a free quote on a new dump truck.
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