• As someone whom has been in the Truck Industry for 41 years having a trusting relationship with a supplier is very important and over these years we have found that the products that we have delivered to numerous vocations has been nothing but superior in build, plus supported by staff that have and will go beyond normal expectations in the Industry. Since that introduction Truck Sales Canada Inc. has had an opportunity to utilize Ledwell for other superior product lines other than just Water Trucks with great success and customer satisfaction.
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Ledwell manufactures feed trucks that safely and efficiently deliver livestock feed without damaging the product. Our high-quality feed delivery systems translate to higher-quality meat for our customers, which ultimately improves their bottom line. As with all the other products we manufacture on-site, we can custom design feed trailers to meet the specific needs of our customers, their livestock, and their feed storage facilities. When you’re searching for a rugged and efficient feed truck for sale, turn to Ledwell.

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More Information about Feed Trucks & Trailers

Types of Feed Trucks for Sale

All our bulk teed hocks for sale are available in standard or low-profile configurations. Our low profile trailers, which lower the center of gravity by 30", have become a popular option as custom-ers look for teed delivery options with greater stability All our feed delivery products are also available in trailer and bobtail truck configurations and can be mounted on the chassis of your choice_ Trucks and trailers are also equipped with the Ledwell Torque Converter System, which helps prevent overheating and down time. Our trucks and trailers offer three different ways to deliver feed: by auger, drag chain, or paddle wagon_ An auger teed truck will provide a fast delivery time and is ideal for anyone who needs to transport teed to a storage bin. Our drag chain trucks employ the delivery method that will best preserve the quality of the pellet, with 15-25% better pellet quality than ogler delivery systems. Our paddle wagon trucks and trailers are the most versatile in terms of efficiently delivering types of feed, from mash feed to range cubes. To learn more about any of our bulk feed trailers for sale, contact us directly

Why Ledwell Feed Trailers?

Why choose a bulk feed truck for sale from Ledwell? To put it simply, an investment in a Ledwell product is an investment that pays off. We manufacture most of our components on site and com-municate with customers throughout the building process to ensure grey get exactly what their business needs_ We design our trucks and trailers to be durable, long-lasting, and efficient, mini-mizing your maintenance requirements and maintaining the integrity of your feed throughout the delivery process. Contact Us or call us at 888-533-9355(LEDWELL) to get a quote on a customizable feed truck or trailer.
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