Hydratail Truck

At Ledwell, our Hydratail trucks are one of our most popular products. Generally used as a substitution for a Rollback, Hydratail Trucks are approximately 5” lower, with the bed mounted directly on the frame. This allows for taller equipment to be hauled and for safer loading and unloading. These trucks come with a standard 10’ tail and 5’ fold under that can be adjusted to create a ramp, making it easy to load and unload your heavy equipment.

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More Information About Hydratail Trucks

Hydratail Truck Features
Our Hydratail Trucks are available as single axle or tandem axle trucks. Single axle truck beds are come in 24-26’ lengths, while tandem axle truck beds are available in 26-32’ lengths. All Hydratail trucks have a hydraulic winch that can be operated manually or with a wireless remote control. The bed itself is manufactured with high-strength steel, and the deck can be steel over wood or hardwood, with your choice of traction on the tail. We add a traction coating to the edges of the bed for additional grip in bad weather.
Why Ledwell?
Ledwell Hydratail trucks provide a convenient and reliable way to move vehicles. Whether you work in equipment rental, construction, agriculture, or any other industry, you’ll get a truck that meets all your most pressing transportation needs when you order from us. We manufacture our products at our facility in Texarkana – even building our own hydraulic components – which gives us control over the quality of the final product and allows us to configure trucks to our customers’ specifications. Don’t settle for a truck that doesn’t include all the features you need for your business. Call us at 888-533-9355(LEDWELL) to learn more about our custom Hydratail options. Contact us to get a quote on your Hydratail Truck.
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