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Ledwell builds durable chemical trucks for the oil and natural gas industry. Our trucks are designed to meet the high demands of an oil field and stand up to regular use. When you need quality gas trucks customized to your specifications, come to us. We have manufactured oil field trucks to be used at sites around the country.

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More Information About Oil & Chemical Trucks

Types of Gas & Oil Field Trucks
In addition to our full line of vacuum equipment, which includes trailers and truck-mounted vacuum bodies, we also manufacture chemical treater beds, chemical tote beds, and custom oilfield winch and A-frame truck bodies. Our chemical treater trucks are designed to deliver the chemicals needed to maintain oil wells and pipelines. We can custom build treater beds with the pumping capacity you need for your particular area. Tri-plex pumps are available with 2000-9000 psi capacity and flush tanks are lined with a protective Polibrid coating to prevent corrosion. Stainless tanks are also available. Our chemical stake or tote beds are ideal for servicing and maintaining mobile storage tanks at oil field locations and drill sites. They can be used to safely transport methanol, motor oil, antifreeze, and other fluids necessary for production maintenance. Beds are available in 18’, 20’, and 24’ length and can be custom designed to meet your oil field needs. We manufacture winch beds in a variety of configurations: A-Frame, Rig-ups, Texas Bed Trucks and Winch Tractors, for example. All of our custom oil field beds are well-engineered and field-proven – designed to meet your demanding specifications.
Why Order from Ledwell?
Professionals in the oil industry choose trucks from Ledwell because of our long track record of custom-manufacturing durable equipment that gets the job done efficiently. We have been building truck bodies for over 70 years, and while our business has grown considerably in that time, we still manufacture most of our products onsite and strive to offer every customer exceptional personalized service. This allows us to maintain complete control over the final product and deliver the custom solutions our customers need. Contact us now for a quote on a custom oil field truck.
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