Custom-built Service Truck Bodies from Ledwell are used by a wide range of businesses, from equipment rental companies that need to maintain their fleet to petroleum companies that will be servicing both trucks and oil wells. No matter what your intended application and available truck size, we can provide the right Service Truck, Body, or Bed for your business. If you already have a Service Truck you intend to use, we can incorporate the equipment and fixtures you need to get the job done. Get a skid-mounted service body, crane body, or fuel and lube body from us, and always be prepared to service your equipment in the field.

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More Information About Service Trucks

Types of Service Trucks for Sale
Our service equipment ranges from portable skid-mounted mini-service units to full Service Truck-mounted Bodies on Class 7 or 8 trucks. Our Lube “Buddy” Jr. is a portable skid-mounted unit designed to be used in light-duty pickup trucks. With this unit, equipment is welded to an aluminum pallet that can be easily transferred from one truck bed to another. Features available with this compact unit include hose reels, 15-gallon fluid tanks for motor or hydraulic oil, a 30-gallon waste oil tank, 12-volt oil pumps, and 12-volt vacuum pump. Those who need a slightly larger skid-mounted unit for a medium-duty truck can opt for our Lube “Buddy” Max. This unit can easily be added to a standard flatbed to convert it to a service truck, with room still available at the rear of the bed for small equipment delivery. Various combinations of fuel, fresh oil, and waste oil tanks are available with this service unit. We also manufacture Stake Bed Trucks that can be used to service and maintain mobile storage tanks at drilling locations. These trucks transport motor oil, methanol, antifreeze, and other fluids necessary for production maintenance and can be custom-built to your specifications.
Why Choose Ledwell?
Your service requirements will vary depending on the equipment you need to maintain, and you should have Service Trucks that are designed with your business needs in mind. At Ledwell, we pride ourselves on our communication with our customers, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the best service vehicle for your business. We manufacture our trucks, beds, and skid-mounted service units onsite at our facility in Texarkana, giving us control over the final product and allowing us to ensure high quality. Discover why so many businesses already choose Ledwell Service Trucks to maintain their fleets. Call us at 888-533-9335 (LEDWELL) to learn more about customization options on our Service Trucks for sale. Contact us now for a quote on your Service Truck or Bed.
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