Ledwell manufactures heavy duty trailers to handle the most challenging loads. Whether you need to transport equipment to a construction site across the state or simply move farm equipment to a neighboring property, our trailers will help you get the job done efficiently. We serve customers across many different industries, including construction, agriculture, oil and gas, and transportation. As with all Ledwell equipment, we can customize our hydraulic and gooseneck trailers to best meet the needs of the individual or company.

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More Information About Trailers

Types of Trailers for Sale
We manufacture a signature series of hydratail trailers, which is one of our most popular product lines. These trailers are outfitted with hydraulic tails that act as ramps, making it easy to load or unload the vehicles and equipment you need to transport. Hydraulic ramps and winches can be moved with a handheld wireless remote or manual controls on either side of the trailer. Decks can be made with either steel over wood or treated wood, depending on the customer’s preferences. We can also custom manufacture other styles of trailers, including sliding axle, hydratilt Hydratail,, and gooseneck. Trailers can be made at the length and width our customers specify, and both tandem axle and tri axle trailer configurations are available. Request our current equipment catalog to see all of the various trailers we build and sell.
Why Choose Ledwell?
Ledwell has been manufacturing durable and reliable trailers for 70 years, and we’ve remained a family-owned business that whole time. We strive to provide excellent customer service and handle special requests whenever possible. We take pride in the quality of our work. Our Ledwell trailers are long-lasting and sturdy enough to handle heavy loads, with the options you require to meet your needs. No matter what equipment transportation challenges you’re facing, we can deliver a solution. Need a custom-made trailer? Contact us to get a free quote.
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