If you have to transport sludge, slurry, or liquid materials, you no doubt already know just how valuable vacuum equipment can be. Ledwell manufactures several distinct varieties of vacuum equipment, all of which are designed to endure heavy wear and tear and can be ASME/DOT certified. These trucks are widely used in a number of different industries, including hazardous material containment, first response cleanup, oil and gas, septic and hydro-excavation. No matter what industry you work in, the longevity and rugged design of a vacuum truck or vacuum trailer from Ledwell will lower your total cost of ownership.

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More Information About Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

Types of Vacuum Trucks for Sale
We manufacture and sell the following types of vacuum equipment:
  • Vacuum Transport Trailer: a heavy-duty unit with an on-board vacuum pump (belly mount and porch mount options available), hydraulic-driven or diesel air-cooled engine, and an optional dual lift cylinder under the tank.
  • Dump Industrial Vacuum Unit: a truck with a 3000 or 3300 gallon single compartment, a 3-stage hydraulically-operated tank hoist for dumping, and hydraulically-operated vacuum pump that is liquid- or air-cooled.
  • Non-Dump Vacuum Unit: a general purpose vacuum tank with combined vacuum/pressure service and water distribution capabilities.
  • Portable Restroom Service Unit: a septic truck with options for 2 or 3 compartments and a capacity of up to 2000 gallons, dual toilet carrier, spring-loaded hose reel, and weather-resistant storage cabinets.
All our vacuum trucks and vacuum trailers can be customized with add-on features to better meet your needs. To learn more about specs and available features, call us at 888-533-9355.
Why Choose Ledwell?
Ledwell has been manufacturing custom bodies, trucks, and trailers for 70 years, and while we’ve expanded our operations in that time, we’ve remained dedicated to personalized service. We work closely with our customers to deliver the truck or trailer they need to complete their project, whether they are part of a large oilfield operation looking for hydraulic vacuum transport trailers or a waste management company looking for a new septic vacuum truck. No matter what kind of vacuum truck you need, we’ll deliver a durable custom product that resolves your liquid transportation challenges. Need a custom vacuum truck or trailer? Contact us for a free quote.
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