When you need a durable bulk water tank for your truck bed, turn to Ledwell. We are industry leaders when it comes to water tank performance and lifespan, and we can custom-manufacture a water tank to go with the chassis of your choice. Our truck bed water tanks are used for a number of different applications, including dust control, soil compaction at construction sites, and fire fighting in rural areas. Our potable water trucks are also used to transport drinking water to areas without access to a public water supply or well.

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More Information About Water Tanks

Options with Water Tanks for Truck Beds
Ledwell water tanks come standard with a 2000, 4000, or 5000 gallon capacity. All tanks are lined with an interior coating, a protective coating that prevents tank deterioration and helps extend the tank’s life. Tanks can be filled from the top using an overhead spout, from a hydrant, or from a reservoir. If overfilling the tank is the concern, we have a load limiter option that will ensure you know when you are at capacity. Our standard water tank trucks have five spray units plus a water hose outlet. Spray units are controlled with valves or switches in the truck cab and can be operated at the same time when necessary. We also add a rear hose reel, which will allow you to manually control a hose and quickly crank it back onto the reel when you’re done. Gain greater control over your water distribution when you add a custom Ledwell water tank to your truck bed.
Why Choose Ledwell Water Tank Trucks?
At Ledwell, we manufacture most of our components onsite at our facility in Texarkana, giving us control over the final product and allowing us to deliver exactly what our customers are looking for. We can build a potable water tank with the capacity and features of your choosing, and we can even paint the tank with your company’s colors or logo. We always strive to respond to customer questions and requests quickly throughout the manufacturing process, and we deliver the final product with a quick turnaround. For durable equipment and superior customer service, come to Ledwell. Contact Us or call 888-533-9355 for a quote on your custom truck bed water tank. Contact Us for a quote on a water tanks and water tank trucks.
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