2000 Gallon Fire Truck

The Ledwell 2000 Gallon Tanker offers quick response with enough water to control most rural fires. In addition to capacity, it also offers lighting packages for night and emergency use, top mounted remote control water monitor, and hose or portable tank storage. All of our tanks are lined with Polibrid® 705, an added feature that helps extend the water tank’s duration against deterioration.


  • Water Haul Capacity: 2,000 Gallons
  • Pumps: 350 gpm
  • Tank Length: 10′
  • Height: Based off of a 48″ diameter head
  • Mechanics of Water Spray: PTO driven pump
  • Spray heads: 5 spray heads
  • Gravity bars: 6″ Sparger Gravity Dump Bar Optional


  • In-cab controls
  • P.T.O. (Power take off) driven pump
  • 5 spray heads (2 front, 1 side, 2 rear)
  • Storage and hose reels
  • Top, hydrant, and reservoir filling capability


  • Aluminum and stainless steel tanks available
  • Polibrid® 705


  • Backup alarm
  • DOT lights, reflectors and mud flaps
  • Emergency reflectors supplied
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ladder grip pads
  • Emergency and work light packages
  • Remote control water monitors


  • Custom cabinetry for storage specifications
  • Built to your specifications
  • Can be re-rated to 25,999 GVW
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