• Contrary to other brands of trailers we have had Ledwell’s angle is so low that you can drive lifts right over it without having to raise the tail to level. There is no other reasonably priced truck that does this. Even low ground clearance machines can climb up to the bulkhead, so there is no wasted bed space or need for unloading and reloading.
    Dave WebbWell Built Equipment
LW3000VT – Classic (2)

Dump Industrial Vacuum Unit

Built by popular demand, the Industrial Units deliver relentless, continuous duty performance coupled with durable components to make your cost of ownership the lowest in the industry today. With an impressive selection of vacuum systems to choose from and unlimited “add on” options, Ledwell Industrial Units offers the operator greater payload capability as well as superior overall performance.



  • 3000 Gallon single compartment
  • 3300 Gallon single compartment
  • ASME/DOT 412


  • Full opening rear door- hydraulically operated
  • 20″ Top manway with ladder and platform
  • 3 Stage hydraulically operated front tank hoist
  • 6″ Air operated rear discharge
  • 4″ Rear mounted intake valve
  • Bolt-in interior baffles
  • Hydraulically operated vacuum pump: liquid cooled or air cooled
  • Rear mounted liquid level indicator
  • Rear mounted adjustable hose hooks
  • Pressure off-load capability


  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel


  • LED rear and side marker lights
  • Multipurpose safety placards
  • Sealed rear signal and taillight boxes
  • DOT approved rear bumper
  • DOT approved isolation valves
  • Rear work lights


  • Transfer pump (hydraulically operated)
  • Variable vacuum pump capability
  • Multi-compartment capability
  • High pressure wash-down option
  • Top mounted hydraulic boom
  • Tri-axle body design
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