LCG – Low Center of Gravity Trailer

The Ledwell Low Center of Gravity Trailer (LCG) lowers the center of gravity on the truck by 30″, vastly improving stability and ride. The LCG has a improved discharge speed of 4,500# per minute. The Trailer operates at a much lower temperature (120 degrees) by utilizing the Ledwell Oil Cooler and is 25-ton payload legal at 80,000# gross.



  • Tank Length: 40′ – 45”
  • Width: 96″ or 102″ widths available
  • Extruded keel
  • Tank Style: Low Center of Gravity Profile
  • Compartments: Sized to your specifications
  • Hauling Capacity: Ability to haul 25 to 30 tons


  • Top doors can be manual, air-operated or roll tarp
  • Air operated stand up rack & pinion bottom doors
  • Flat rack & pinion bottom doors
  • Drag chain floor delivery
  • High Volume 12″ Augers
  • Rear hydraulic controls
  • Wireless remote controls


  • Aluminum construction
  • Some steel components
  • Assembled with Heavy Duty King Pin Plate


  • Drop Center Frame for stability during transport
  • DOT lights, reflectors and mud flaps
  • 3M conspicuity tape
  • Curbside catwalk/rear ladder
  • Air operated handrail


  • Sack Boxes – any capacity
  • Dual or tri-axle option
  • Steel or aluminum wheels
  • Spring or air ride suspension
  • Tractor options
  • Self-contained engine
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