Paddle Wagon Bobtail Truck

If you are delivering feed to multiple types of stock, this is the delivery system for you. The Paddle Wagon Delivery System can efficiently deliver any type of feed, including range cubes. The Paddle Wagon Bobtail Truck can be mounted on the chassis of your choice.



  • Tank Length: 20′ – 28′
  • Width: 96″ or 102″ widths available
  • Extruded keel
  • Tank Style: Standard or low-profile available
  • Compartments: Sized to your specifications
  • Hauling Capacity: Ability to haul 15 to 24 tons


  • Top doors can be manual, air-operated or roll tarp
  • Off side flat rack and pinion doors
  • Standard or low-profile tank style available
  • Chain drag floor delivery
  • Rear hydraulic controls
  • In-cab or wireless remote controls


  • Aluminum construction
  • Some steel components


  • DOT lights, reflectors and mud flaps
  • Emergency reflectors supplied
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 3M conspicuity tape
  • Curbside catwalk/rear ladder
  • Air operated handrail


  • Sack Boxes – any capacity
  • Rear bumper (swing or fixed)
  • Single, dual or tri- axle (air lift) option
  • Steel or aluminum wheels
  • Spring or air ride suspensions
  • Chassis options
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