James “Rubber Duck” Rubly

James “Rubber Duck” Rubly has worked at Ledwell for 15 years. He started his career in the Truck Shop and is currently in Quality Control. His main projects are installing wireless remotes, lights and placing stickers on trailers.

James and his wife, of 16 years, Paula have two children Lindsey (15) and Charles (21). During his down time James likes to go fishing, camping, and spending time with his daughter who he says is spoiled for some reason, but not sure why.

One of James’ favorite stories working at Ledwell explains how he received the nickname, Rubber Duck. “My supervisor could not remember my name so he started calling me Rubber Duck. Mr. Ledwell told me, ‘Son, I don’t like that name, so I will call you Steel Duck or Mr. Duck.’ One day I was pulling a buggy and Mr. Ledwell came up in front of me before I could stop. I hit his Yukon on the corner of the fender…I got the name of Yukon Duck that day.”