Russell Bragg

Since 1990, Russell Bragg has worked in the Paint Shop at Ledwell. He oversees every piece of equipment that comes through the shop, as the shop foreman.

The paint department blasts, paints and washes all equipment, as well as, lines each tank with a protective coating. Russell’s latest endeavor is Powder Coating. He is working with Ledwell’s Engineering Department to create a seamless process Ledwell will be using in the near future.

Custom paint jobs, including his most memorable project, a Can-Win feed trailer, is Russell’s favorite part of his job. In 1992, he hand painted the stripes along the entire body of the Can-Win trailer, as seen in the picture above.

Russell and his wife of 29 years, Gretchen, have four children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family, antique shopping, hunting and boxing while not at work.

When asked his favorite story about working at Ledwell he said, “Chief and I were removing lids from water tanks and after he took one of them off we took off running. Steve Ledwell was making his rounds and had just walked into our bay when we took off. He ran with us and said ‘Why are we running?’ We yelled, Red wasps!”