Thomas Butcher

Most of the employees here at Ledwell do not have the chance of seeing what goes on in all the departments. Thomas Butcher, on the other hand, gets to spend time going from shop to shop measuring and delivering parts to the employees.
Thomas started working at Ledwell right out of high school in October 1993. He began in the Truck Shop under William Griffin who was the foreman at that time. He then made his way to the Saw Shop cutting the raw material for manufacturing. Eventually, Thomas moved to his current position in the Brake and Shear Department. Over the past 19 years, Thomas has seen changes in all areas of the company. He has seen the expansion of the Feed Body Shop, large advances in the Machine Shop and the improvement of the Paint Division. He has been present for the construction of the 32-bay Trailer and Truck Shop building and Ledwell’s start of vacuum equipment manufacturing. “The best thing about my job is being able to see everything in the company.” – Thomas Butcher
Outside of work Thomas is a family man. He met his wife through one of her cousins that had worked at Ledwell. They married in 2000 and have three kids. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping, traveling and spending time with his family.