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Agriculture: Growing Technology

By June 28, 2019 In The News

What does it take to keep your family happy and healthy? Nutritious food is one answer. You need grocery store shelves to be stocked with everything their growing bodies need to thrive. That’s one reason timing and efficiency is important to the Agriculture Industry. Without that, the market might not have fully stocked shelves for tonight’s dinner. Everyday, companies are working on new technologies to enhance the experience of all things within the world around us. This is all with the intent of bettering lives globally. The Feed Industry is no exception. Without mills, we wouldn’t have mass production of animal feed that ultimately results in world wide food production.

Because this is such a crucial part of life, it’s important to reach new heights consistently. Feed mills, like those of Pilgrim who recently underwent a massive upgrade to their Nashville facility, have to keep up with changing technologies, times, and customer wants/needs. In reality, they are working towards a happier consumer experience at all levels. New programs and tools that increase tons per hour, cubic feet per hour, bushels per hour, and so on. This helps them get to the end result faster – a fed state.

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