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These days, everything seems to move so fast and a lot of us forget to stop and smell the roses. Not Floyd Dunn. Floyd has worked for Ledwell for the past 5 years in our Trailer Shop since coming aboard in September of 2014 and is this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Floyd is a huge part of our Hydratail Trailer operation. He is the one that builds the sides of our trailers. His job includes cutting, measuring and cleaning up the metals used on said trailers. His measurements must be precise, otherwise the building process is put on hold. Floyd takes a lot of pride in knowing that he’s putting something together that people will get use out of. And he is always eager to learn. He believes that there’s always something new he can discover. He has a lot of respect for the people around him and a lot of pride in his work.

He’s a painter by trade, but that never stopped him from moving forward in manufacturing here. His willingness to learn, and charismatic personality made him a perfect fit for such a position as his. He spends a lot of time building the same sides, so his favorite moments at Ledwell are those where he gets to try something new. He says the different cut angles and mechanics make it interesting and a lot of fun.

Floyd is always happy. He’s been married to his wife, Melody, for ten years. They love fishing and spending time with their 4 children, whether that means playing video games or doing homework. He strives to be the best he possibly can be, not only for himself but for his kids and for customers. He has so much ambition and such a great outlook on the things around him. Thank you for brightening our days and being a dependable member of the Ledwell Family, Floyd!