Standard Loading Ramp


Our Standard Loading Ramps are very versatile and work with various equipment and job needs. The loading ramp is easily movable around any yard with a forklift when a drop axle is added. Ledwell Loading Ramp comes with adjustable features, including height and flaps. We also manufacturing additional features including a solar lift package. Find out what we can do for you today.

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  • 25′ to 30′ ramp lengths
  • 120″ width
  • 50,000 pound capacity in 10′
  • 31″ to 49″¬†Adjustable height


  • Two adjustable approach ramps
  • 12″ x 19# beam main members
  • Treated pine floor


  • Anti-skid traction material
  • Painted safety yellow
  • Chain ties


  • Four adjustable approach ramps
  • Drop axle assembly
  • Hand and guide rails
  • Solar lift Package