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Raising the Stakes

By September 16, 2019 In The News

Remember when you were a child, and you got your very first gingerbread house building kit? For the most part, they come with four walls and each side of a roof, give or take a few attachments. Putting it together was pretty self explanatory and as a child, you thought ‘hey, building is easy!’ But as you grew in age and maturity, you found out that not every job is like a cookie cutter. You have to restructure, maneuver, rearrange, and create in order to stand out and get the job done right. You learned that you need equipment to be as versatile as your ever-changing application. For instance, maybe you’re a contractor and you need a truck that can haul wood, gallons of paint, tools, or anything else your client needs. Ledwell has your solution – our Stake Bed Truck.

A classic Stake Bed serves many purposes. Its sides are generally either fold-able or removable, enabling its user to arrange materials in the most efficient way. The truck works for a variety of industries due to this unique feature. Material Handling benefits due to its versatility, Energy can haul anything from electrical supplies to oil barrels, the Construction can use the equipment as a means of storage and transporting – the list goes on and on.

Each truck comes with a toolbox located towards the front of the bed and a lift gate installed at the rear, making loading a breeze. When driving, the lift gate serves as a tailgate, but when loading or unloading, the equipment can be lowered and raised to make lifting and securing easier. The controls for this mechanism are located on the side of the bed, so that you can quickly access them all while watching the lift gate move.

All in all, this truck is very helpful asset for a wide array of companies and industries. The possibilities are vast. Give us a call today and find out how a Stake Bed might suit your company!