About Us

Where We Started

L.W. Buddy Ledwell and his father, Lloy Ward Ledwell, established Ledwell & Son Lumber in Texarkana, Texas in 1946. Building pickup racks and livestock trailers was a sideline for the company at first, but soon became the focus of the operation.

Buddy incorporated Ledwell & Son and built his first truck shop at the corner of Robinson Road and Waco Street in Texarkana. Today, Ledwell & Son includes fourth generation family members and has expanded operations onto an 82-acre manufacturing site with nearly 500 talented employees.

Where We Are Today

Ledwell products include custom manufactured truck bodies and trailers, as well as, parts and service. Businesses, big or small, come to Ledwell with a transportation need and are provided with the best, most innovative solution each time. Ledwell’s goal is to manufacture quality equipment that is efficient, reliable, and exactly what the customer wants.

Clients include companies in the equipment rental, transportation, vacuum, property maintenance, chemical, energy, agricultural and construction industries.

Our Leadership

Today, Ledwell includes fourth generation family members that encompass it’s leadership team to provide growth and focus on growing a global brand.


Quality control is at the core of everything we do, but it’s not the only benefit our customers can count on. At Ledwell, we pride ourselves in understanding our customers needs, from equipment performance to regulatory compliance. Our skilled craftsman average 25 years in this industry, and they don’t back away from a challenge.

Not just well made, LEDWELL MADE.