Bulk Haul Trailer

Ledwell manufactures bulk haul trailers that safely and efficiently deliver a variety of materials without damaging the quality of the product. Our high-quality bulk delivery systems offer a way to transport those items that help to enrich our lives. As with all the other products we manufacture on-site, we can custom design bulk haul trailers to meet your specific facility needs including livestock feed mills, wood pellet mills, fracking salt distribution and other feed storage facilities. When you’re searching for a dependable and efficient bulk haul trailer, turn to Ledwell for your solution.

Hydratail Trailers

Ledwell manufactures heavy duty trailers to handle the most challenging loads. For those needing to transport heavy construction equipment across the state or move farm equipment down the road, our hydratail trailers will help you get the job done safely. We provide solutions for companies across several different industries, including agriculture, construction, energy, oil and gas, and transportation. We pride ourselves on finding solutions for any job by customizing our hydraulic and gooseneck equipment trailers to best meet the needs of the individual or company. We build what you need!

Vacuum Trailer

When hauling sludge, slurry and other liquid materials, you need something that provides a safe means of transportation. Ledwell Vacuum Trailers provide just that. Not only do we offer a variety of equipment choices, we also provide ASME/DOT certified Vacuum Trailers. They are designed to endure the wear and tear of various industries, from hazardous material containment to oil and gas projects. Our rugged designs provide longevity and efficiency resulting in lower cost of ownership and an increased return on investment.

Custom Built Trailers

Ledwell offers truly customized truck body or trailer options by controlling every process from fabricating through finishing. For over 70 years, we’ve been providing contractors, government agencies, agricultural operations, the oil and chemical industry, and many others with dependable, long-lasting equipment to do their job in any environment. At Ledwell, we build what you need, whether you need one truck body or trailer, or one hundred, let our experts customize a solution that you can rely on.


When you need to load or unload heavy equipment but don’t have access to a permanent dock, a portable loading ramp from Ledwell will help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Our loading ramps make it easy to drive equipment onto a trailer bed or to use a forklift to move heavy or awkwardly shaped equipment. These sturdy loading ramps serve customers in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, equipment rental, transportation, and property maintenance.